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I'm a journalist

I write and edit, consult on content for brands, and run a true storytelling night

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Open uri20161110 18428 1lc4m5z article

Hygge: Find happiness by living the Danish way - The Early Hour

Hygge: the buzzword this autumn, as a series of books have been published in celebration of the Danish way of living. But why are they so much happier?...

Open uri20160714 1597 ose8yg article

Breakfast From Around the World - The Early Hour

We know breakfast is important, but what do people in Singapore eat for breakfast? Or in Nigeria, France or Russia? We decided to find out......

Open uri20160809 21870 b5kw2r article

Oliver Jeffers on art, New York and fatherhood - The Early Hour

Johanna Derry interviews the Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Jeffers – asking what differentiates children’s books from adult picture books, …...

Open uri20160809 21870 16cqng4 article

Jam, Chutney, Pickles: Preserving a Tradition - The Early Hour

"Instead of plain strawberry jam, I make strawberry and Pimm’s jam. I think about what will either compliment the flavours or contrast with them..."...

Open uri20160809 21870 mn48hm article

The Undiscovered Food of Central Asia - The Early Hour

The co-author of Samarkand, a cookbook inspired by the food of Central Asia, Eleanor Ford is a keen traveller and food writer......

Open uri20160809 21870 1kfy1io article

Butter: It Doesn't Get Better Than This - The Early Hour

Grant Harrington, who's worked in Michelin-starred kitchens around the globe, talks mornings and butter with The Early Hour......

Open uri20160908 7905 k8toh1 article

Moving Abroad: Laura Amiss, Holland - The Early Hour

For the second in our series on moving abroad, Johanna Derry speaks to artist and mother-of-three Laura Amiss about leaving the UK for Holland......

Open uri20160908 7905 108n7y article

Moving Abroad: Gillian Harvey, rural France - The Early Hour

Johanna Derry speaks to families about moving abroad, to discuss the cultural differences. First up: mum-of-five Gillian Harvey, living in rural France...

Open uri20160908 7905 1z0c1kz article

Outdoor Play: 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾ - The Early Hour

Swallows and Amazons shows the beauty of outdoor play - sailing, camping, building fires. We ask the National Trust why children spend less time outdoors......

Open uri20160908 7905 1x2eq6k article

Kids and Instagram: What Should be Filtered? - The Early Hour

Is it ok to photograph your kids and Instagram the pictures? Should they have a say? Johanna Derry asks five popular 'Instamums'......

Open uri20160908 7905 hdrpzt article

Raising Bilingual Children: The Pros, The Cons, The Myths - The Early Hour

Do bilingual children have delayed language development? Is it better to become fluent in one language first? What does bilingualism actually mean?...

Open uri20161110 18428 ig6m0n article

About - The Early Hour

The Early Hour is an online culture and lifestyle magazine, with articles and interviews published daily at 5am; for the early risers...

Open uri20161110 18428 gcjudz article

Moving Abroad: Sheona Gillespie, Germany - The Early Hour

Third in our Moving Abroad series, Johanna Derry asks Sheona Gillespie, originally from the UK, how she's found it raising two teenage girls in Germany...

Open uri20161110 18428 1t3n1z2 article

The Early Hour - Page 3 of 55 - Online culture & lifestyle magazine with articles published at 5am - for the early risers

Online culture & lifestyle magazine with articles published at 5am - for the early risers...

Open uri20161110 18428 x7nf2c article

Early Riser: Justin Gellatly, BreadAhead Bakery - The Early Hour

We talk baking with early riser and co-founder of BreadAhead Bakery, Justin Gellatly... And by 'early rising' - we mean 4am starts......