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I write and edit, consult on content for brands, and run a true storytelling night

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The Guardian

Vine and dandy: Madeira’s Fajã dos Padres is a glimpse of paradise

On Madeira’s south coast lies a cove, rich with vines, a new cable car ride, abundant fruit – and cool cottages to stay in...

The Guardian

The free-from restaurant boom that's cashing in by stripping back ...

The free-from restaurant boom that's cashing in by ...

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The Guardian

The foodie traveller … on the revival of Native American cuisine in Minneapolis

The Tatanka street food truck serves wild rice, cornflour cakes and wild greens using local, organic ingredients. Its mission is to redefine American food...

Chicken and white bean so 008 article
The Guardian

Comfort soups: nostalgia in a bowl or magic medicine?

Johanna Derry: There’s nothing like a warming bowl of soup to pick you up in winter. Here, three cooks stick up for their favourite...

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The Guardian

Unstoppable rise of protein: the trendy nutrient that's taking over menus

Protein is now an ‘ingredient’, with some restaurants claiming it’s more enticing a label than chicken. Can that be right?...

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The Guardian

Let’s go to … Pendle Hill for Halloween

Few places are as ghostly and ghoulish as the Lancashire beauty spot where the notorious coven was rounded up 400 years ago for the Pendle witch trials...

Cola 011 article
The Guardian

Independent and craft colas – taste test

Johanna Derry: Can the new brands of organic, natural and Fairtrade colas compete with Coke and Pepsi? Our panel of children and adults put them to the test...

Shaw thing   could a meth 010 article
The Guardian

Swimming lessons: Swimming Nature

Johanna Derry: Third of our tested methods is the coaching system designed by Brazilian Eduardo Ferré, which prides itself on rapid progress...

Fallback logo article
The Guardian

A bit of peace and quiet | Johanna Derry

Johanna Derry: This week's Big Shhh is the perfect opportunity to take time out and allow silence and inner stillness into our busy lives...

Child wearing snorkel and 012 article
The Guardian

Swimming lessons | Life and style | The Guardian

Johanna Derry tests the different methods available for learning to swim...

Johanna derry swims using 010 article
The Guardian

Swimming lessons: the Total Immersion method

Johanna Derry: Much less scary than it sounds, this techniques focuses on getting you to copy elite athletes and swim in a 'fishlike' way...

Competitors at tooting be 010 article
The Guardian

Great lengths: the UK's top 10 outdoor swimming pools

Johanna Derry: From an Olympic-sized seawater pool on the Scottish coast to an art deco masterpiece overlooking Plymouth Sound, here are some of the British Isles' finest lidos. Is your favourite here?...

Bar of chocolate 009 article
The Guardian

Cupuaçu: Brazil's new alternative to chocolate

Catherine Balston: As Easter dawns, chocolate gets the limelight. But make way for cocoa's Latin cousin, cupuaçu, which is blossoming in the field of tasty chocolate substitutes...

Waterloo gardens teahouse 009 article
The Guardian

Starbucks tea house: can the coffee giant make a decent cuppa?

Starbucks is hoping to do for tea what it did for coffee. But the UK already has great, independent tea houses – here are six of the best...

Life in the slow lane   t 009 article
The Guardian

Swimming lessons: the Miracle Swimming method

Johanna Derry: Designed to give confidence to absolute beginners, Miracle Swimming aims, first of all, to put you at ease in the water...